Invitation to join the “EcoKhndzristan” ecovillage network



On July 21-26, 2014 in the village Khndzristan, NKR, during the eco-camp with participation of many representatives of NGO sector had discussed and suggested the introduction of the ecovillage model in Artsakh via establishing the “EcoKhndzristan” ecovillage network.

The “EcoKhndzristan” ecovillage network is coordinated by the “Young Biologists Association” NGO, the “Artsakh Youth Development Center” NGO and involve other public organizations and interested sides of Armenia and Artsak.

The initiative aims to promote in the Khndzristan, Patara and Astkhashen communities of NKR sustainable development through establishment of ecovillages. The main criteria’s for ecovillage are environmental education and awareness raising, organic farming, the waste sorting, recycling and promotion of the energy saving, development of ecotourism and agro tourism.

We invite all interested people and organizations to join the network and be a part of the first ecovillages in Artsakh.

By joining the network, organizations are agreed:

to support and to have an active participation in the “EcoKhndzristan” ecovillage network events

if there is possibility, to implement projects and events in villages Kndzristan, Patara, Astkhashen of Artsakh.

To join us please fill out this form (in Armenian):

For additional information, please contact us via following e-mail:

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