“Jump Armenia” environmental campaign



The “Young Biologists Association” NGO joined the “Big Jump” international campaign which aims to raise public awareness about water basin protection. This year “Jump Armenia” environmental campaign will be organized in Armenia, too. During the project lectures, discussions and movie screenings will be organized.

On June 7th, at 15:15 at the end of the campaign, all participants will jump into Azat river. This campaign will raise public awareness about water and natural resources’ issues in Armenia, as well as will stimulate international collaboration between young people. Each team will cooperate with a group from another country and will jump together in the same time. This year, our partner is “SUPER SALMONS”  group of young people from Latvia.

All interested people can apply tojoin “Jump Armenia” environmental campaign.

For participation the following form should be filled out: https://goo.gl/2nAlsl

In 2005 almost 250,000 people in 22 European countries jumped into their rivers and lakes to raise attention on water basin issues. The campaign was initiated by “European Network of Rivers” international organization, after which every year in June annul events are organized. Now over 50 teams from Germany, The Nederlands, France, Poland, Austria, The United Kingdom, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece and Portugal participate in this project.

The campaign in Armenia will be implemented with support of The Rufford Foundation.

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