The first LED communities in Armenia



On December 8, 2014 members of “Young Biologists Association” NGO , in the frame of “LED Armenia” public-environmental initiative visited the Gomk community in Vayots Dzor Province. During the visit, a presentation on LED bulbs  and their advantages was conducted for the community members. Afterwards, the NGO members visited 36 households and replaced 104 incandescent lamps with LED lamps. 10 LED lamps were installed at Gomk kindergarten. In addition to this, 22 LED lamps were installed in 11 households of the neighboring Kapuyt community. The installation of LED lamps will allow the inhabitants to save costs on electricity, since LED lamps use 10 times less electricity than the incandescent lamps. The lamps have a lifespan of 3-6 years, do not contain heavy metals and are recyclable.

440 USD was collected through an crowdfunding to support this first campaign of “LED Armenia” initiative of turning Gomk community into an energy-saving/LED community. The collected money was only sufficient for 30-40 LED lamps, and it could not have satisfied the needs of the Gomk community. Once informed of the initiative, the “LED Life”lighting equipment specialty shop supported the initiative by donating the remaining lamps needed for the completion of the project. Overall, 137 LED lamps were used to turn the Gomk community into an LED community.


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